Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Foam, Baby, Foam!

The house was built in 1955.  There was zero insulation in the house.  So I decided to attack the house from the outside in.  Instead of blowing insulation in the walls from the inside, I had it foamed in from the outside.
Homesulate of North Texas did a great job.  They drill holes in the mortar between the studs and shoot in the foam.  The foam hardens a little bit and is powdery to touch when dried.  It is easily cut for repairs and such.  Check out the video on their website.  Pretty cool.  The foam not only keeps the temperature in check, it acts as a sound barrier too.  Great since the house sits on the corner of a busy street.  I can definitely tell a difference in the rooms with the new windows.  Less sound and warmer.

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