Monday, October 31, 2011

The Bomb Fried Pies

This weekend me and the Monkey headed out to the Arts District for an October Art Finale.  The weather was fantastic, the Arts District was hopping, the museums were free, but most importantly Food Trucks were on the scene!

My Food Truck of the day was The Bomb Fried Pies.  I guess I was attracted to it because it kind of looks like Beauty Bar (I <3 Beauty Bar) on wheels and serving fried pies (I <3 Pie).  I was greeted by a friendly fellow that happily talked to me about his car, which I found out uses airbags to raise it, not hydraulics.  I chose Pumpkin and Peach.  I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of the luscious filling and flaky crust before I devoured these tasty little packages of warm fruity deliciousness.  Everything was fresh and not overly sweet or super greasy.  Unlike Ms. Baird's fried pies, they didn't leave a weird film in the top of your mouth, making you think about the crime you committed to your body by eating a fried pie.  Both pies were yummy but I have to vote Peach the winner.  Can't wait for the opportunity to sample other flavors. 

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