Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Holiday Highlights

This Christmas was different.  It was nontraditional and actually quite good.  I put up my first Christmas tree, all white with minimal decorations (because undecorating isn't fun) which I think turned out great!  Drove down to Austin to see my sister and her family and all the little roadside Christmas trees were so festive and fun.  My favorite part of Christmas dinner, Bûche de Noël!  Christmas morning found me and the boy putting together a Lego Bank for my nephew, it was definitely a bonding moment and a lesson in teamwork.  And finally a picture of me and the boy in front of the tree at Hotel Valencia, which is now a new favorite hotel!  Super good service and I wanted to move in permanently to our room.  Maybe I can recreate it in my room in the New Year.

Found an awesome resource that will hopefully keep me on track on my resolution to blog more in 2012.  Pugly Pixels (and its powered by pastries, who can turn that down?) has the best stuff!  All of her tutorials are so simple that they make me feel like a genius, which is always a plus!  Soon I have a pretty sparkly blog, I just hope I can keep up my end of the blogging bargain.

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