Friday, February 3, 2012

Food Truck Review: Easy Slider Truck

I first tried the Easy Slider Truck way back in December on its first day out in the Arts District. For a first day, they kicked ass!  The two sliders I got were the Black & Blue (beef/ truck-made blue cheese slaw/ bacon) and Sweet & Lowdown (beef/ goat cheese/ bacon/ strawberry jam).  I was pretending to be brave with my choices, blue cheese can be too strong and strawberry jam on a burger?!    I didn't even have to be brave!  They were so good!  There was enough meat for the bun, which a complaint I heard in the elevator from someone I work with about sliders in general, and the meat was juicy, I guess they are smart enough to not use the super lean meat.  The buns were delicious (I would seriously eat just the bun) and the topping combinations worked amazingly well with each other.  To add to the sweetness, they threw in a soft chewy salted caramel that was truck-made with my order.  Beg, pillage, steal to get one of those caramels my friends.  In a reply tweet they said they were retiring the Black & Blue but as of 5 minutes ago their website still had it listed as a choice.  I haven't been back (shame on me) but I hope to soon... I have my eye on a couple of sliders.  It seems like they are out and about more often these days which is a good thing!  I give them a 4 out of 5 Food Trucks.

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