Thursday, February 2, 2012

Throwback Video Thursday: Roy Orbison, Only The Lonely

My niece recently turned the big 1-1.  It made me start thinking about when I was that age... I loved oldies music.  I listened to them constantly, which was a big mystery to my family because nobody in my family really cared for them.  I was probably the only 5th grader at the time able to sing along to songs my granny was more familiar with.  I had a big love for Roy Orbison, I remember seeing for the first time him on Saturday Night Live and asking my dad a million questions about him, "why does he sing so slow?  why does he wear those glasses?" The only response I remember from him on the subject was, "he isn't much to look at but his voice is so smooth!"  Then "Pretty Woman" came out and then everybody was familiar with Mr. Orbison.  Always liked "Only the Lonely" better.

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