Thursday, April 26, 2012

Taco Stop, Dallas

Who:  Taco Stop
Where:  1900 Irving Blvd. @ Turtle Creek, Dallas 75207
More Info: or 972.971.4859

Finally got a chance to try Taco Stop the other day.  One of my favorite parts was the colors they used, a bright red and lime green and the way it looked with the bright blue sky.  I tried the Chicken Alambre, Picadillo, and Barbacoa.  My least favorite was the Barbacoa, it was chewy and didn't pull apart very well. It's condition could have possibly been because it was almost closing time.  The Alambre and the Picadillo were awesome.  Even though I don't like yellow corn tortillas, I didn't mind these too much, I guess they don't have as much of the limeyness that others have.  I got the trio for $4.95, which works out to $1.65 a taco, normally $1.70 a taco.  Both of those prices are better than what a lot of the fancy taco places charge for a smaller taco, but still doesn't beat Fuel City or Tacos El Si Hay.  They seems to cater to businesses to feed larger groups which will I definitely use at some point.  I also need to go by and try the breakfast tacos.  Hmmmm... breakfast tacos. 

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