Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dallas Restaurants I would like to visit in 2013

This coffee House (right next to one of my favs, Meddlesome Moth) has received rave reviews.  the petite menu looks really good and would fit the bill when wanting a fantastic cup of coffee and a panini or scone.

I could eat seafood everyday of the week (I'm thinking I could have been a penguin in a past life).  This tiny place opened by omar flores, formerly of abacus, close to Bolsa (another fav) in Oak Cliff specializes in seafood.  maybe I can get the Monkey to take me there for my birthday?
This place is all over in the news, eater, d mag, dallas morning news.  All I know is that Josh Valentine from Top Chef 10 is the pastry chef.

Mother Daughter Peruvian food off of Ross Ave.  To say I'm intrigued would be understatement.

in the newish Park development across the street from Northpark Center.  Beer, beer, Good Food and more Beer.  I get updates on Facebook from Park Tavern and after trying it, their food is as yummy as it sounds.  Great selection of beers too.  Server was good, but if you take the time to post on Facebook about the specials you have that day, make sure your waitstaff tells your customers too (my short term memory isn't that great and I hate looking cheap and asking about specials).

Lamb French Dip, Park Tavern

Afghan food.  Totally interested in what that entails.  The spot that this restaurant is has been many places, I want restaurant to succeed and stay open on Lower Greenville. 

Another  new place on Lower Greenville.  Menu looks good and I love hummus.  

Ahhhhh Stephan Pyles.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  Badass Dallas chef opens new restaurant.  I'm there.

A spate of "Southern" places recently opened in Dallas.  
What can I say?  We love fried chicken, waffles, biscuits and iced tea. 

a great addition to the west end, which woefully lacks standout restaurants. even though it took the spot of Atomic Sushi (downright nastiest sushi place I have ever stepped foot in) and heart attack grill (RIP arteries), I have a good feeling about this place.  Tables were full when we went even though it was raining pretty hard.  I got the B.L.T.E.A. Sandwich and it was really delish.  Completely didn't turn over the menu (WTh?) so i didn't see all the amazing things on the back.  So i will be returning.

B.L.T.E.A. (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, egg, avocado), Ellen's Southern Kitchen 

Lower greenville restaurant.  (Notice a theme here?) heard from a few friends that its pretty awesome, although a tiny bit pricey.  Maybe when I've worked a few hours of overtime I'll splurge. 

From Liza Garza, a contestant on "Next Food Network Star" season who knows.  I was always impressed with her ability to look so cute and put together in the kitchen.  Would like to see if her style translates to the plate. 

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