Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Year Resolutions, Birthday Style

Even though I made New Year's resolutions (exercise, save money, read more) they are pretty much out the door on January 4th.  I like to really revisit my goals and inspirations for the coming year around my birthday.  For some reason birthday resolutions are a little easier to follow, they are more solid and don't have the same hype surrounding them as New Year resolutions.  

This is what I've come up for 2013:

Make my house a home. 
I think I am in the house I am going to settle in now that I'm married.  I want to start making it ours.  A nice juicy home.  That is happy, organized, a place we love and love coming home to. 

Be a good wife.
Be the best person I can be so I can help him be the best he can be.  Stop using words that can be interpreted as violent.  Take time to listen.  Take time to speak his love language.  

Go on at least one date night a month.

Finish projects!
Backsplash tile in the kitchen
Change the light fixture in the dining room.  
Hang all the art I have leaning against walls / Get over my thing about hanging stuff on the wall.  
Make a place for Monkey.

Keep purging. 

Travel.  Travel internationally. Travel. 
Stay in a cabin. 
Go to three places I've never been.
See the beach.  

Host one dinner party.
That means I need to get that backsplash up and a dining table and chairs and some organization and style to the kitchen area. 

Cook at least two recipes from Bon Appetit a month.  I have a subscription.  I need to use it.  It wouldn't hurt when I have a fabulous dinner party too.  

Cook dinner during the week.  Doesn't have to be the recipes in Bon Appetit, but stuff made at home is cheaper and healthier for the most part.  

Use my feet more.  
Grow my bangs out.

Write 13 letters to friends/family/strangers and send them.

Take time to be creative. 
I have amazing girlfriends and acquaintances, I would like to organize a quarterly girls night out, for networking and support.  

Save money.  I need to be proactive.  I am better at saving when I am completely on top of things.   Need to automate more as well. It isn't rocket science.

Think about what you buy; where is it made? who made it? where will it go after I'm done with it?  Do I really need it? 

Listen to more music.  
Set aside money for a least one show every few months.  I love it.  It makes me happy.  

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