Friday, February 8, 2013

Quoture: Ryan Gosling ~ Hey Girl

After reading the blog View Along the Way, I learned that Pinterest people are making Ryan Gosling memes.  I had no idea that making Ryan Gosling memes was an in thing to do.  I think Mr. Gosling is "aite" and never understood the draw of him (No, I haven't seen The Notebook, maybe that's where I fell off the boat?)  But I think these memes are hilarious!  I had to partake in the meme fun!  There are soooo many things I wish the boys at my house would tell me...



  1. LOL, great way to look at it.... all the things we wish we'd hear!


  2. Laughing OUT LOUD. Can I puh-lease borrow your kitty? Just for like... two years? PS: I agree about Ryan Gosling. Our men are totally hotter. No contest. :)

    Kelly @ View Along the Way