Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday's Tune: Commercials #1

So even though I LUVRE! my DVR and LURVE! zipping through commercials (come on... Project Runway should not be an hr and a half!)  I really love some of the songs chosen for commercials.

My latest favs:

The JCPenney's Joe Fresh commercial (I really want to check this out even though I'm on a clothing spending freeze, I've loved Joe Fresh for a while)

Live version of Keegan DeWitt's Say La La

Gatorade's Iconic Moments

Jake Bugg's Lightning Bug (I have to research this kid more; have such mixed feelings... says Arctic Monkeys are an influence, but also says Bob Dylan is not a major influence.

On another commercial note, I am pretty much in love the AT&T guy with the funny kids.  Yes!

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