Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shop My Closet - April Challenge

While browsing on the interwebz, I found this amazing blog, Shop My Closet Project.  I love Michelle's writing and her blog couldn't have been found at a better time since I am trying to be more aware of my clothing expenditures this year.  Shop My Closet and Debt Free Divas have done a great challenge this month, the Shop Your Closet Challenge.  For some reason, I am really really digging the idea of a month long challenge.  Even though I'm going to continue to watch my spending far after the end of April, it feels like such a easy thing to do... just a month, easy peezy!  And now on to the skeletons in the closets...

Week #1  Challenge - Organize My Space - Before pictures: 

This is already changing!  But fixing three (plus a bunch of junk areas) closets in one week isn't happening so quickly.  I have already gotten materials to make something like this: 

Can't wait till it is complete and beautiful!  My shoes and stuff will have a great home!  

Week #2 Challenge - Pop of Color 

This isn't too hard for me to do.  I love color and especially pops of color!  I love laying out my clothes and already know what I'm going to wear.  Since I've already pulled and sorted a lot of the closet issue, I have been able to wear some new combos.  Week #3 is Accessorize and Week #4 is Back to Basics. I totally love this challenge and hope to continue to do different month long challenges all year long. 

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